A Digital Marketing Company Born Out of Empathy

Joe Bongiovanni next to his dad, who inspired his marketing company

Frontier Marketing is the marketing company of choice for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the Chicago suburbs and beyond. Our mission is to partner with businesses and nonprofits to help them achieve their goals through the latest and greatest digital marketing strategies. We continuously strive to bring our clients greater success as we help them take advantage of new digital marketing opportunities.

How did we become the trusted navigators through the digital frontier we are today?

Our story began as all good stories should: with a boy proud of his dad.

Admiring Business Owners

The boy grew up watching his dad run a local pizza shop. This gave him a deep respect for business owners from a young age. He admired the hard work and willpower it takes to run a company. Most of all, he dreamed of one day helping his community like his dad did.

When he finally got old enough to start his own business, he knew just what to do. He started a digital marketing company to help businesses in his region.

That boy’s name is Joe Bongiovanni, Founder and CEO of Frontier Marketing.

Finding the Means to Help

In school, Joe discovered a deep passion for digital marketing. He marveled at the continually changing and expanding Internet. Its many opportunities for promoting businesses excited his forward-thinking mind.

However, as he wondered at the web’s many opportunities, he also saw that not everyone appreciated them as he did. His father, for example, didn’t have time to use the Internet to grow his business. He was too busy running the day-to-day operations.

And that’s when it clicked.

Making a Marketing Mission

Joe saw the problem. Business owners were some of the hardest workers he knew. However, their businesses were struggling because they didn’t have the time or energy for digital marketing.

He couldn’t let this cruel irony stand.

Instead, he founded Frontier Marketing in 2014 to give small- to medium-sized businesses an internet marketing ally. He wanted it to be a one-stop-shop where companies could receive any marketing service. His digital marketing agency would provide personalized solutions with the latest best practices and exceptional customer care.

Of course, he knew he couldn’t do it alone.

Creating a Super Team

Joe assembled a team of marketers with diverse skills to satisfy every digital marketing need.

His key first hire was Nikki Cornelius. From the beginning, Nikki set the tone for exceptional customer service from a marketing company. She keeps in close communication with clients to ensure their continued satisfaction.

However, we know that communication alone won’t cut it. Our internet marketing services also need to keep up with our words. Fortunately, our team of content writers, email managers and social media marketers always produces equally great results.


Taking It to the Next Frontier

One of our core beliefs is that we should never stop learning. That’s why we take the time to learn about the latest online marketing trends for our client’s sake. After all, hardworking business owners deserve a marketing company that keeps up with the times.

Our passion for local businesses also extends to our community. We want to see the Northern Illinois region thrive, so we prioritize supporting local nonprofit organizations. These groups include addiction recovery services, religious organizations dedicated to service and business networking groups.

Living Out Our Core Values

For over a decade, Frontier Marketing has helped dozens of clients in the Chicago region and throughout the country achieve their business goals. How does our marketing company continue to perform at such a high level? We hold fast to these principles of great work:

We value our people.

Our team members and clients are like family to us. We take the time to invest in each relationship through acts of trust, transparency and service. Everyone wins as we achieve greater and greater successes together.

Growth is the goal.

We refuse to be complacent about our marketing agency’s abilities and achievements. Instead, we’re always looking for ways to improve ourselves and achieve greater wins for our clients than we ever thought possible.

Giving is who we are.

We always give far more than we take. Our clients know they can count on us to provide them with the guidance and help they need when they need it. Our community can count on us to provide ongoing support for various local nonprofits. 

Need a Marketing Company for Your Business?

Our team of marketing consultants is eager to help more companies and nonprofits grow. So, please don’t hesitate to tell us your organization’s goals. We’ll provide a custom marketing strategy featuring the ideal cutting-edge services to win your battles. Of course, you’ll always enjoy responsive care for your needs from our professional team.

Ready to get started? Please call us today to discuss how our digital marketing company can help you!

Ready To Get Started?

Please call us today to discuss how our digital marketing company can help you!