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At Frontier Marketing, we love using our digital marketing knowledge to help our clients grow their businesses. We’re so passionate about making it easy for you that we’ve compiled this list of answers to common questions about our marketing company. We hope these insights guide you well as you navigate the digital marketing frontier.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing

Our clients ask us many questions about our marketing company. Here are the answers to help you make an informed decision about your digital marketing needs.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the practice of using the Internet to promote an organization’s products or services. The Internet offers several different channels for doing this, including websites, emails, social media platforms, paid advertising and more. Our digital marketing company uses cutting-edge best practices to effectively reach and engage a company’s target audience on these channels.

Why Do I Need a Digital Marketing Company for My Small Business?

A recent study showed that 76% of consumers research companies online before deciding to shop at them. So, if your small business isn’t using digital marketing channels, you’re almost certainly missing out on many new customers.

Anyone can do digital marketing, but doing it well requires a lot of time, talent and knowledge of the latest best practices. Most small business owners can’t keep up with these requirements. So, they rely on a digital marketing company like ours to put in the necessary time and energy to get them the desired results.

What Makes Frontier Marketing the Best Digital Marketing Company?

At Frontier Marketing, we offer all the essential services an organization needs to thrive online. Our talented team has the skills, experience and up-to-date knowledge to perform these services exceptionally well for your business. But that’s not what sets us apart as one of the best digital marketing companies for small businesses.

Our dedication to forming close, long-term relationships with our clients sets us apart. Our goal is to gain a deep understanding of your organization and the goals you’d like to achieve so we can tailor our services to your needs. Our customized services will be the perfect fit for where your company is and where you want it to go. If your goals change, we’ll adapt our strategies along with them to help you continually navigate the digital marketing frontier.

Why Should I Choose You Over Hiring an Employee or Freelancer?

It’s good to ask this question because business owners should consider all options for marketing their companies. It may seem more appealing to hire a new employee or a freelancer to do digital marketing for you, but our marketing agency is more affordable and reliable than either of those options.

Our monthly hourly rate will cost you less than the extra costs of bringing in a new team member. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend all that extra time training us, as you would with a new employee. We’re also more reliable than freelancers because we consider ourselves part of your team and are committed to your company’s long-term growth.

What Types of Organizations Do You Serve?

Frontier Marketing serves a wide variety of small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the country. These include service providers, eCommerce companies, healthcare organizations, home improvement specialists, restaurants and more.

Which Digital Marketing Services Should I Choose?

The answer to this question depends on your company’s goals. Are you looking to improve your brand image to attract new customers? You will likely benefit from our web design and graphic design services. Would you like more people to discover your company online? Our SEO and PPC management services will help make that happen. What about keeping existing customers engaged? For that, we recommend our email marketing and social media marketing services.

Got a different goal than the ones we listed above? Please contact us today to discuss which service will best fit your objectives. 

How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

Things move fast on the web, so a site starts looking outdated rather quickly. A good rule of thumb is to redesign your website every three years. Doing so is an excellent way to ensure your site is current and accurately reflects who your business is.

What Do SEO and PPC mean?

SEO and PPC are two of the most common acronyms in the digital marketing industry. SEO stands for search engine optimization, a group of tactics used to elevate a brand to the top of search engine results pages.

PPC stands for pay-per-click, the payment model most often used for online paid advertisements. At Frontier Marketing, we create and manage PPC ads for our clients on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other popular platforms.

What is Your Pricing Model for Digital Marketing Services?

We base our pricing on the time it takes to perform a service at a high level. For example, our content writers need five hours to create a well-written, SEO-friendly blog. Our hourly rate is $100/hr, so we charge $500 for each blog we create. We use this same simple system for all the other services we provide.

How Does Getting Started with Services Work?

The process will look slightly different depending on whether you choose one-time or ongoing services. One-time services, like a new website or graphic design project, will involve a series of meetings with our team to conceptualize, plan and review your project. We will regularly seek your input and approval throughout the process.

If you purchase an ongoing service, such as organic SEO or email marketing, we will start by giving you an “assets needed” document and client onboarding form. These documents list everything we need from you, such as login info and brand logo files, to serve you well. You will then be assigned an account manager to meet with you monthly and be available if you need anything or have questions. Our team will then get to work on your services.

How Much Time and Energy is Required on My End?

You can have as much input on the work we do as you want. Some clients are more hands-on and like collaborating with us on their marketing services. Others are content to let us handle everything as they focus on running their businesses. Either way, we’ll simplify small business marketing for you so you can stress less and enjoy more amazing results.  

What Types of Results Should I Expect?

Each digital marketing service has different results you should expect to achieve. For example, PPC management and SEO are excellent options for bringing more traffic to your website. However, they differ in that PPC management quickly boosts traffic in the short term, while SEO takes a while but eventually brings in a consistent stream of traffic in the long run.

Our team will make sure you have realistic expectations for what a service can achieve before you purchase it. But no matter what service you choose, you can always expect to receive high-quality marketing materials you’re proud to show off. Plus, our team consistently provides exceptional customer service to make your life easier.

How Can I Tell If Digital Marketing Is Working?

We will provide analytics reports at our monthly meetings and review them to give you a clear picture of how things are going. These reports will include detailed data on the key performance indicators for each service. For services like PPC management, we’re often able to show a clear connection between the ads we’re running and the new customers coming to your business.

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We hope the answers to these common questions about marketing have been helpful. At Frontier Marketing, we’re passionate about supporting business owners and would be happy to answer more of your marketing questions if you have them.

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