Case Study: FEI Chicago Chapter

The Challenge

We are proud to have the Chicago Chapter of Financial Executives International (FEI) as one of our oldest clients. They provide invaluable services to Chicagoland’s financial executives, including networking opportunities, educational presentations, and more.

Our journey with FEI Chicago began four years ago when they approached us looking for help with their social media marketing. Of course, we were happy to take on the challenge for them but knew it wouldn’t be easy since their presence on social was still in its infancy.

When we took over, their most successful channel was their Twitter, which had 121 followers and minimal engagement. They also had a LinkedIn organization page with only ten followers and pretty much nonexistent engagement. We knew FEI Chicago had the potential for big numbers, considering their private LinkedIn group had over 400 members. The trick was getting this strong membership pool to engage with the chapter’s public pages.

Ready to take on this challenge, we got straight to work taking their social presence to the next frontier!

The Execution

The first step we took was broadening FEI Chicago’s social presence. We did this by creating pages for them on popular social channels, including Facebook and YouTube. Then we got to work cultivating an engaged audience on each of their social pages.

We started creating daily posts for all social channels. These posts highlighted upcoming chapter events that members would be interested in. To make these posts stand out, we created custom graphics for each event. We also included hyperlinks in the posts to the event pages on FEI Chicago’s website. These links made it easy for followers to learn more about the event and register for it.

We also created video content for their social channels by recording the educational presentations at chapter events. Once we edited these videos, we uploaded them to the FEI YouTube channel and optimized the videos for YouTube best practices. The optimizing process included creating high quality thumbnails, optimizing the titles and descriptions for SEO, and organizing videos into playlists. Once we published the videos, we got the word out about them by sharing them on the other social channels.

As the months and years went by, we kept FEI Chicago updated on the progress of their social channels through detailed analytics reports. They appreciated the ability to see the success we were bringing them on social, and we were glad to bring it to them.

The Solution

FEI Chicago’s social media presence has grown by leaps and bounds since we took over their social channels. For example, just one year after we took over their Twitter, the follower count went from 121 to 289 (an increase of over 50%). And today they have over 500 followers! Their followers are also much more engaged than they were when we started as the number of retweets and likes on their posts has nearly doubled.

We’ve also seen a lot of success on Facebook and LinkedIn. Since we created their Facebook page in 2014, page likes have increased steadily from 9 in 2015 to 85 in 2018. And as we continue to post daily, the engagement rate climbs exponentially. In fact, it is now more than 200% better than it was when we started!

Similarly, on LinkedIn, the number of followers went from 10 in 2014 to over 470 in 2018! The page received over 150,000 impressions in the past year as well as over 2,200 post engagements and more than 1,400 clicks.

The FEI Chicago YouTube is flourishing as well. The channel now has over 130 videos, featuring content from educational presentations, awards ceremonies, holiday parties, and more. FEI videos now have over 6,000 views, and people have watched their videos for more than 18,000 minutes.

These results are just the beginning of FEI Chicago’s journey to success on social media. We continue to look for new ways to grow their business on social. For example, we have recently created a business profile on Instagram for them. The page already has 39 followers and features high-quality photos from the chapter’s many events. 

The fine folks at FEI Chicago couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made so far. Their chapter is well on its way to attracting more top-level talent and broadening its impact on the region. It’s our pleasure to bring well-deserved attention to such a great organization.

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