Case Study: Living Art Aquatics, Inc.

The Challenge

Living Art Aquatics has been designing custom-made aquariums for homes and businesses for over 25 years. And it’s been our pleasure to help them market their amazing products and services online.

One vital service we provide for Living Art Aquatics is local search engine optimization (SEO). This service ensures that the business will show up in search results for nearby web surfers. Due to our efforts, Living Art was ranking highly for relevant search terms in their hometown of Cary, IL.

However, recently, Living Art decided to move their business from Cary to Crystal Lake, IL. And with the move came the concern that their business wouldn’t rank as highly in their new city. But we at Frontier Marketing knew that we could make that problem moot using local SEO best practices.

And so, we went to work making sure Living Art’s move wouldn’t hurt their standing online!

The Execution

To understand how we got Living Art to rank in Crystal Lake, you must first know how we brought them success in Cary. To do this, we created citations for them in popular online directories. A citation is an online listing that includes a company’s name, phone number, and address.

It wasn’t long after we created these citations for their Cary location that the business’ search rankings began to improve. They ranked highly for many ideal keywords, including “custom aquariums” and “aquarium maintenance” in Cary, IL.

Of course, once Living Art Aquatics moved to Crystal Lake, we knew all those citations would need to be updated. So, we went into each citation and changed the address listed to their new Crystal Lake address. This process included updating the information on their website, social media channels, and the calls to action in their blogs.

It was a tedious process to be sure, but we knew the results would be worth it. And Living Art appreciated that they had us to save them from wasting their valuable time doing it themselves.

And, as you’ll see, the results were indeed worth it!

The Solution

We began this citation campaign on January 10, 2019. And just one month later, Living Art’s local search rankings were a beautiful sight to behold!

The business ranked in the top five locally for all their desired keywords on Google and Google Maps. These include keywords like “crystal lake custom aquariums,” “custom fish tanks crystal lake,” and “crystal lake aquarium maintenance.” They also ranked 10th or above for local keywords on Google Mobile.

These results speak to the wonders local SEO can do for a business. Moving from one location to another doesn’t have to mean your business takes a hit online. Instead, by simply updating a company’s citations, we can bolster their rankings in their new location in no time at all!

The fine folks at Living Art are thrilled that people in their new Crystal Lake community are finding them online. And we were happy to help make their move as smooth as possible. It’s our pleasure to promote such a quality business on the web.

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