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PPC advertising is an efficient way to reach qualified leads and generate sales, but only if you take the time to do it strategically. Our PPC agency invests the long hours in research, testing and monitoring necessary for successful PPC management. We’ll work closely with your business to achieve your marketing goals.

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This is Why Paid Ads are Essential for Your Business

What are the marketing goals you want to achieve right now? Do you want to grow brand awareness, get qualified leads or increase e-commerce sales? PPC advertising is the best digital marketing channel for attaining those goals quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

But here’s the thing: You will only be successful using paid ads if you know what you’re doing. It takes a lot of time and effort to master the art of successful PPC management.

Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t have the bandwidth to become paid ads pros. As a result, companies often make avoidable mistakes and wind up overspending and underachieving with their PPC ads.

We don’t want this to happen to you! We’re here to help. When you hire Frontier Marketing, you get your own team of paid ads experts who will work hard to achieve your goals while you focus on running your business.

What is PPC Management?

PPC management involves creating tailored marketing messages and paying an ad platform to show those messages to your target audience. The key to doing this well is performing thorough research to determine which demographics, locations or search terms to target with your ads. You must also strategically create ads that speak your target audience’s language and motivate them to act.

The PPC in PPC management stands for “pay-per-click.” Many ad platforms use this payment model, which charges you a set amount every time someone clicks on your ad. Another payment model is PPM, or “pay-per-impression,” which charges you a set amount every time your ad appears on someone’s screen.   

How Does Paid Advertising Work?

Successful paid advertising campaigns begin with identifying your advertising goals and researching your target audience. Our team determines the best search terms, locations and demographics to target and reach relevant people. We then create ads featuring engaging copy, photos, videos and calls to action for your audience.

Each ad campaign has a budget for the maximum amount of money you’re willing to bid for ad placement. PPC ad platforms use an auction model to give the highest bidders the best ad spots.

Once we launch an ad campaign, we monitor its performance and adjust the ads as needed. You’ll receive regular updates on how your ads are performing at our monthly meetings.

What Kind of Growth Can I Expect?

One of the best things about paid ads is they provide some of the quickest results of any digital marketing channel. Still, how long it takes to see the results you’re looking for depends on your goals. If your goal is to get more traffic to your site, you could start seeing results within a few days. Lead generation and conversion goals typically take three to six months of adjusting and refining the ads strategy to begin seeing success.

A successful pay-per-click management strategy often takes a lot of testing, refining, trial and error. So, don’t get discouraged if results aren’t ideal right away. Our PPC agency will optimize your ads to bring you the best results over time.

PPC management also strengthens organic SEO and social media marketing. Paid ads can boost traffic to your website’s content or increase your social media followers. In this way, it’s an excellent short-term channel for bolstering your long-term marketing strategies.

Did You Know?

The average return on investment (ROI) for paid advertising on Google is a remarkable 200%!

That means businesses get around $2 back for every $1 they put into their ads.

This statistic is certainly exciting, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll double your money.

Your ads can achieve this potential with expert strategy and execution from our team!

Our Four-Step Paid Ads Process

We offer personalized PPC advertising solutions for your business. Our team will get to know your company and understand your business goals. Then, we’ll work closely with you to craft paid ad campaigns to achieve those goals with minimal ad spend. Here’s a preview of how the process will work:

1. Audience & Industry Analysis

Once we understand your audience and goals, we’ll research them using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other third-party tools. This analysis will reveal the ideal search terms and demographics to target with your ads. We’ll continually fine-tune this targeting based on how the ads perform.

2. Account Setup

Our team will create and optimize your accounts on whichever ad platforms you choose. For example, we will set up your Google Ads account with Google Analytics, Search Console and Tag Manager. Similarly, we will set up Business Manager, Ads Manager, Pixel and Tag Manager for Facebook and Instagram Ads.

3. Campaign Build

We’ll create ads based on your brand, landing page, keywords and target audience. The ads will have multiple text and media variations for A/B testing to find the most effective messaging. We’ll also set your campaign budget to make the most of how much you’re willing to spend to produce a successful ad campaign.

4. Monitoring & Optimization

Once your ads start running, we will closely monitor and manage each campaign. If we notice ads that aren’t performing as we hoped, we’ll adjust the targeting and add new copy or media variations to make improvements. You can closely monitor your ads with full account access and detailed reports at our monthly meetings.

Select the Best PPC Platform for Your Company

We offer PPC campaign management services on several popular ad platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Nextdoor. Not sure which platform is right for your business? Our team will help you understand the ad options available on each site and which ones make the most sense for your company.

Google Ads Management

Google ads appear at the top of search results and on millions of websites. We create and optimize the following ad formats:

  • Search Ads – Text ads positioned above organic results for targeted search terms, locations and demographics.
  • Display Ads – Visual ads displayed on millions of websites across Google’s Display Network.
  • Performance Max – Ads utilizing machine learning models to drive more conversions based on specific, targeted campaign goals.

Facebook/Instagram Ads Management

These ads appear in targeted users’ Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds. Here are the different types we create:

  • Display Ads – Ads that look like posts with text, images or videos but also include CTA buttons for conversions.
  • Lead Generation Ads – Display ads with a built-in lead generation form to easily collect information.

LinkedIn Ads Management

LinkedIn ads are an excellent option for businesses targeting a more professional audience. Here are the types of ads we create:

  • Display Ads – Multimedia ads with options for text, images, videos and more.
  • Lead Generation Ads – Display ads with a built-in lead capture form for collecting detailed user information.

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David Kaiser
David Kaiser
Angel Water, Inc.
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“Frontier is a pleasure to work with to help get our message out to the world. They have always been attentive to our needs. I really appreciate this team.”

Flexible PPC Management Pricing Packages

We offer flexible and affordable pricing packages for any business, whether you want ads on one platform or multiple. Check out the details below to learn more about the pricing for our Lite, Plus and Pro Packages.

Paid Ads Marketing

Lite Plan
$ 300 Monthly
  • 1 Ad Platform
  • Page Creation & Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Unique Ad Copy
  • Campaigns Monitored and Adjustments
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaigns Refreshed Quarterly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Meetings & Reports

Paid Ads Marketing

Plus Plan
$ 500 Monthly
  • 2 Ad Platforms
  • Page Creation & Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Unique Ad Copy
  • Campaigns Monitored and Adjustments
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaigns Refreshed Bi-monthly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Meetings & Reports
  • Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Paid Ads Marketing

Pro Plan
$ 1000 Monthly
  • Unlimited Ad Platforms
  • Page Creation & Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Unique Ad Copy
  • Campaigns Monitored and Adjustments
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaigns Refreshed Quarterly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Meetings & Reports
  • Landing Page Conversion Optimization
  • A/B Testing

AD PLATFORMS OFFERED: Google, Google Guarantee, YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions About Paid Ads

Why is it better to hire a PPC agency than do it alone?

Navigating the world of PPC management is intricate and time-consuming. By hiring a PPC agency like Frontier Marketing, you leverage the expertise of a dedicated team that knows the ins and outs of paid advertising. We put in the necessary hours of research, testing and monitoring to optimize paid ad campaigns for peak performance. This allows you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Does PPC work for small businesses?

Absolutely! PPC is a versatile digital marketing channel that can be tailored to businesses of all sizes. With the right strategy, even small businesses can achieve significant growth, drive targeted traffic and get more qualified leads. We’ve helped small businesses in many industries get great results from tiny ad spend budgets. It would be our pleasure to do the same for you.

Which paid ads platform is best for my company?

The ideal platform for your business largely depends on your target audience, industry and specific goals. Here are some examples of businesses that find success on each platform:

  • Google search ads work for e-commerce PPC management and local service providers with an intent-driven audience.
  • Facebook and Instagram ads are ideal for businesses targeting a specific demographic or interest group in visual industries, such as fashion, food, travel or lifestyle.
  • LinkedIn ads are a good option for B2B companies, educational platforms, and professional recruitment agencies.
  • Nextdoor ads are perfect for local businesses aiming to build a community presence, such as local retailers, home services, real estate agents and community events.

What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

PPC involves paying to get your business to the top of search engine results pages. SEO is an organic approach to improving your website’s ranking on search engines. It’s a longer-term strategy focusing on content quality, site structure and other factors. While PPC can offer quick wins, SEO builds a lasting online presence.

Can I hire Frontier Marketing as a PPC consultant?

Yes! Whether you’re looking for complete campaign management or just a consultation, our mission is to take your business to the next frontier! We’ll provide the latest industry insights, strategies and recommendations tailored to your business needs.

How do you handle ad budgets?

Once we understand your goals, we’ll allocate your budget in a way that promotes maximum ad performance. Our team continually monitors campaigns, ensuring your budget is used optimally and adjusting strategies to get the best ROI.

Can I adjust or pause my ad spend or campaign at any time?

Of course! We understand that your needs can change. Therefore, you have complete flexibility to adjust, pause or expand your campaigns. Our team is always on standby to make the necessary modifications to align with your preferences and goals.

How often will I receive reports on my campaigns?

You’ll receive detailed reports and summaries during our monthly meetings. The neatly organized documents will provide insights into your campaign’s performance, areas of improvement and results achieved.

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