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11 Engaging Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses

These Social Media Ideas Will Help Connect Your Business to Customers!

Are you using your business’s social media posts to interact with your followers? If not, you’re missing out on a huge way to boost your brand with customers

Users are projected to spend at least two and a half hours on social media per day – and some of that time should be dedicated to looking at your posts. 

You want to ensure that followers are interested in your posts by engaging and interacting with them. Check out these eleven engaging social media post ideas for businesses to better connect with their followers! 

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1. Try a Facebook Contest

A Facebook contest, where skill and talent are prioritized to win, can keep customers involved in your Facebook business page and could drive them to your website as well. 

Some examples of popular Facebook contests include:

  • Photo Contests
  • Video Contests
  • Essay Contests
  • Photo Caption Contests

If you have an upcoming event you want to promote, advertise a photo contest from that event ahead of time. That way you can increase awareness of the event, and make sure customers are engaging with your page after it. 

Figure out the rules, how the winner will be decided, and what the prize is ahead of time to make sure your contest runs smoothly!

2. Share User-Generated Content

Do you have a loyal customer base that loves to post photos of them using your product or service? Share them with social media! 

Make sure you tag your followers in these content posts in order to build a stronger relationship with your base. Sharing content created by your fans offers you a chance to not only show off your product, but also connect your brand with real people. 

When you post this kind of exclusive content on social media, it draws in potential customers and keeps the attention of current ones. 

3. Host a Twitter Chat or Q&A

A Twitter Chat is a conversational tool where followers can join in and take part in the conversation centered around a hashtag relevant to your business. It’s an easy way to engage with your followers and become more personable. 

You can also use a Twitter Chat hashtag as a way to host a question-and-answer session with your base. This way, you can explore different questions your followers might have. 

By posing a question or offering the opportunity to ask questions, you give a good impression and create a dialogue between you and your customers. 

4. Pin A Question or Answer Post To Your Page

Is there a question you get from followers all the time? Post a few of the frequently-asked questions (FAQs) – and their answers – to the top of your Facebook or Twitter page. 

Or you could post your own question to the top of the page! Let it sit there for a determined amount of time, and let your followers answer it! That way, you can keep the dialogue going for a longer time than the Twitter Chat or Q&A allows. 

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Followers are more likely to engage on a post if it poses a question.

5. Poll Your Followers

If you want to really know what your customers are thinking, another great way is to ask them! Increase your follower engagement by posting a survey or a poll to a certain question you might have. 

You can decide what you want to use the results for, but the important thing is that it will drive up follower activity as people go to your page to answer a quick one-or-two question survey. 

Using polls work best for Twitter, but you can utilize the same form for other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as a pinned question. 

6. Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look

Once upon a time ago, companies would keep their behind-the-scenes work a secret and only show off the final product — not the work it took to get there. Now, with the exclusivity of social media, that’s quickly become a thing of the past. 

At Frontier Marketing, we recently revamped our website and branding. As part of that, we revealed the decision-making process behind the new redesign. We were able to speak to our followers and let them know the company a little more intimately. 

Even if you’re not having a major redesign or product overhaul, give your followers a glimpse into what your process is and the decisions behind it. People love to feel like they have the “inside track” on procedures, and it also has the added benefit of portraying your brand in a new and exciting light. 

7. Post Customer Case Studies

Your followers – those interested in your product or services – want to know what real people think about them. If you have an interesting case study or a particular time where your service really worked, then make sure other people know about it! 

Write up a brief outline about how you handled a customer’s request and how well it worked out. People want to know that what they’re buying really works. Spread it across your social media so that others can see how effective you are! 

8. Share Industry News

Chances are that the followers of your company are interested in your industry as well. Sharing industry news can be helpful to your followers and they can engage with your page on that level. This helps keep you up to date on your industry, especially if it’s ever-changing. 

It gives you an authoritative voice on the subject and shows that you are always in the loop when it comes to industry changes. 

With that said…

9. Promote Your Own Content

You should be always posting original content relevant to your business. Whether it is a blog post or a video or a graphic image, you want to make sure you are putting your brand out there with originality. 

New blog posts or videos every month give followers another reason to check back in with your page. If you’re updating regularly, followers will make sure they are paying attention to the latest content you roll out. 

Using a blog consistently and correctly also helps increase your SEO rankings, which means more people will be driven to your site and social media pages. 

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Staying on top of industry news through social media gives your brand an authoritative voice.


10. Create Videos For Your Pages

More and more people are choosing to watch videos on social media than ever before. With an estimated 500 million people watching Facebook videos in the past year, it is an aspect of social media that cannot be overlooked. 

Most of these social media post ideas for businesses can be applied by using videos, specifically Facebook Live videos. Live videos are just that – videos that are streamed live to Facebook. 

Using videos allows you to:

  • Host a Q&A or chat
  • Show off case studies and testimonials
  • Announce contest winners
  • Give a “How To” or info-centric discussion
  • Reveal a behind-the-scenes look
  • Curate your own content

By using videos, you are connecting with your followers in a new way that a majority of people prefer to use. You are speaking to them directly or answering their questions directly. 

Because, again, what you want to use social media for is to connect, interact, and engage your customers. But don’t forget…

11. Thank Your Followers

Regularly showcase your love and appreciation for your followers and customer base by highlighting how important they are! 

If you’re not practicing good follower appreciation, then the likelihood of followers coming back to your page decreases. Make sure you’re sending out how grateful you are to your base!

What’s Your Next Social Media Post?

Posting across social media is integral to the success of connecting with customers. Without it, you’ll quickly slip from their mind – and you always want to be on their mind for the next time they need you. 

These unique and exciting ways to interact with your customers should work to your advantage. If you need help coming up with your next great social media post for customers in the Fox Lake, IL and Chicago area, give us a call at 847-254-0837 or send us a message on Facebook! We can help get you engaging with your customers in no time!