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Frontier Marketing’s Joe Bongiovanni Received the Best Christmas Gift!

Christmas is a time dedicated to family. Everyone (our Frontier Marketing team included) looks forward to spending time with family and friends they may not get to see much during the course of a year. Of course, nobody can deny that the gifts received are much appreciated, too. Whether collectibles or homemade, silly or sincere, the joy of giving and receiving permeates this favorite holiday.

But some people were extra blessed this holiday season!

Of course, we’re talking about Frontier Marketing’s owner and founder, Joe Bongiovanni and his wife, Brenda. Christmas came early for the couple this year, and they were given an extraordinary gift that they’d been patiently waiting for almost all year.  On a blessed Sunday, December 10th, just a few weeks before Christmas, the elated couple grew their family by one!

Introducing Emily Bongiovanni

After a couple of days of labor, Emily Bongiovanni was born on December 10th, 2023, at 8:16 pm. Born at Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, IL, the bouncing baby girl was 21 inches and weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces.

Emily was born with a full head of brown hair and looked strikingly like her father. Baby image comparisons of the two are shockingly similar!

The Little Mouse

The couple have dubbed their new baby girl their “little mouse.” How did they come up with this adorable nickname? “When we brought her home from the hospital, she would squeak like a little mouse, then squeal, then scream,” says JoeBon.

A Christmas Baby Experience

After a few days in the hospital, the couple brought their Christmas miracle home. “I remember throughout the experience, there were Christmas lights and stuff,” Says JoeBon. “On the way home from the hospital, ‘Where Are You Christmas’ by Faith Hill was playing. It really was like she was our Christmas baby.”

Already So Very Loved

Emily is already so very loved – and her parents are also feeling the outpouring of support! JoeBon remarks that the family of three has received so much love from everyone in their networks. “Our families, colleagues, friends, people from volunteer groups… It’s wonderful to have that many people who love you,” Says Joe, his voice filled with emotion. “All the support is overwhelming in a great way.”

The Family is Doing Well

Mom, Dad and Emily are doing well. They’re settling into their new life as a family of three and figuring each other out. As all parents (new or experienced) know, new parents are figuring out their little ones as much as their little ones are figuring them out!

Joe feels blessed that he was able to take a little paternity leave so he could stay home and bond with Brenda and Emily. After returning, he’s “excited to hit the ground running again.” Of course, Joe is infinitely fortunate to have his wife able to stay at home with Emily for a much longer maternity leave.

Image of Brenda with Emily next to a photo of Joe with Emily

Joe remarked that he’s a hands-on father and always eager to be involved. However, he says this new experience has made him even more fortunate to have Brenda, who is “putting in the heavy work.”  Both new parents are tired but overjoyed.

The family’s dogs are doing well, too. Although they were a little jealous initially, the dogs are adapting and becoming good dog brothers to Emily! There are undoubtedly many adventures awaiting them!

JoeBon On Becoming a Father

JoeBon isn’t taking his new responsibility lightly and says that Emily is his number one priority – as it should be! When Emily was born, he made a commitment to himself that he would “be more present in my life, starting with her.” He’s meeting the challenge of being a new father head-on and using every opportunity to learn and grow in his new role!

Looking Forward to the Future

Any parent will tell you that watching their children grow is exciting but almost bittersweet because it becomes all too obvious just how quickly time flies. Even now, Joe and Brenda are beginning to feel this as baby Emily closes in on three months. “I can’t believe how much she’s already growing and how quickly,” Says JoeBon. “She’s laughing, smiling, recognizing things and focusing on things already. She has so much personality!”

Although it goes undeniably fast, Joe loves the journey he, his wife, Emily and their dogs are on together and is looking forward to all the years to come. From everyone at Frontier Marketing, we hope those years are filled with fun, warm memories and many blessings!