Photos of the Frontier Marketing digital agency team

Our Local Digital Marketing Agency is Turning Nine in 2023!

Frontier Marketing is nine years old this month! On May 6, 2014, Joe Bongiovanni founded this company to provide digital marketing services to local businesses in his native Chicagoland. We’re still a local digital marketing agency providing cutting-edge and customized services for companies—only now we do so for clients across the country.

We know what you’re thinking. How can you still call yourselves a “local digital marketing agency” and yet serve clients as far away as Los Angeles and Boston? Good question.

In this post, we’ll show you how, nine years later, our company maintains its friendly, local feel despite adding distant clients in this shifting digital landscape.


We Practice Excellent Remote Communication

We’re able to stay local from afar because we’ve always been a remote working company. All our team members work from home. While we love the remote working lifestyle, it comes with some risks, namely feeling isolated from the people you work with.

Yet, despite the distance between us, we still have a close-knit team. We accomplish this through regular team meetings via Google Meet and checking in with each other often.

Attentive Client Care

Constant communication keeps our team close.It also enables us to provide excellent customer service to our clients no matter where they are.

Our clients love the fact that they always receive a prompt response from us over the phone or via email. We also have regular meetings with each client to update them on how services are going and discuss their needs. In this way, we adapt our digital marketing expertise to help them achieve their business goals.

Saying we serve clients nationwide might make us sound like a large company. However, we never fall into any of the traps large companies often do, such as treating clients like a number and providing one-size-fits-all services. Instead, we’re always attentive and flexible in our customer service.

New Clients All Over the Place

We continue to attract more clients as a result. In the past year, we started serving businesses from several industries, including:

Our longtime partnership with the nonprofit networking organization Financial Executives International (FEI) has also blossomed into a nationwide endeavor. We currently serve 14 different FEI chapters in cities all over the country, including Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Houston and Los Angeles.

Our team helps each of these chapters by managing their social media profiles and running ads to attract new members. We also meet with chapter leaders every month to check in and discuss how we can best continue to serve them. It’s our pleasure to support this awesome nationwide organization, and we anticipate even greater results to come!

We Have Extremely Talented Team Members

We’re able to provide the personalized service of a local digital marketing agency even from afar because of our incredible team. In the past year, we added some insanely talented individuals to our crew, who have allowed us to elevate the quality of our work higher than ever before!

You can get to know a little bit about each of our delightful new team members below.

Photos of Marissa Aguilera, Pernille Ellis and Ben Sernau
Marissa, Pernille and Ben are great additions to our team!

Marissa Aguilera

Marissa brings joy, passion and innovation to all the services she provides for our clients. We’re constantly impressed by the creative and strategic social media and email campaigns she crafts and the results they achieve. Everyone also welcomes the warm vibes and dog stories she shares from her home in sunny San Diego.

Pernille Ellis

Pernille serves a vital role on our team as an account manager for many of our new clients. They appreciate the problem-solving and listening skills she brings to their meetings. She’s also fantastic at crafting creative social media posts and graphics. It’s a delight to have Pernille on our team and to hear about her adventures with her family.

Ben Sernau

Ben churns out quality content like few content writers we’ve ever encountered. He came to us with a massive writing portfolio and has not disappointed with his ability to create valuable and SEO-friendly content for our clients. He also has an eclectic set of interests, which makes for few dull moments during check-ins at our meetings!

Longtime Team Members

We also have a solid group of longtime team members who have worked hard to make our company the success it is today. JoeBon, Nikki, JoeBo and Diana have each been here for multiple years serving in many different capacities and enjoying great friendships along the way.

Frontier Marketing team members Nikki O’Donnell, Joe Boettcher and Joe Bongiovanni
Team members Nikki, JoeBo and JoeBon enjoy connecting over lunch!

We’re Always Looking to Improve

Our team isn’t resting on its laurels. We’ve achieved a lot of success in nine years, but there are still more frontiers to conquer.

For example, you may have heard about how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking up the marketing landscape. Our team has been exploring AI for a while now and has already found many exciting ways for it to enhance our services.

While AI is not a suitable substitute for expert human marketers, it’s an effective tool when harnessed by our marketing pros. It’s making our processes quicker, our knowledge vaster and service quality greater than ever before.

We’re able to keep our fingers on the pulse of digital marketing trends like this because we take time out of our work schedules to expand our skillsets every week. It’s one of the many ways we continue to take our services to the next frontier!

We’re Excited for Year Ten!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at our nine-year-old nationwide local digital marketing company. As you can see, “nationwide local” isn’t an oxymoron. Our mastery of remote work has made us adept at making our team and clients feel close even when we’re thousands of miles apart. Modern technology is the best, isn’t it?

Is your company looking for cutting-edge and customized digital marketing services? We’d love to discuss how we can help you meet your goals.

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