Frontier Marketing 8th Anniversary

It’s Our 8th Anniversary! Here’s 8 Things We’re Celebrating

It seems like just yesterday Joe Bongiovanni (or JoeBon, as we call him) started this little company of ours. He did so with a simple goal in mind: to help small businesses succeed online. And eight years later, we’re still making that vision a reality every day for companies in the Chicagoland region and beyond!

Eight years in the digital marketing industry has given us a lot to celebrate. But for the purposes of this post, we’re focusing on eight of our favorite things about our time as a company.

So, without further ado, here’s why we’re celebrating this special milestone of ours.

1. Growing Our Talented Team

We’re a tight-knit group here at Frontier Marketing. We treat each of our team members like family and always enjoy collaborating to provide the best possible services for our clients.

A healthy company culture like this is something we don’t take for granted. It’s certainly worth celebrating whenever we’re together as a team.

But here’s the thing: our team also has problems. Fortunately, they’re the good kind of problems that come when you’ve got more business coming in than your team as it’s currently constituted can handle!

That’s why we’ve had more reasons to celebrate recently as we’ve added new team members. Dion Macmeekin joined us last year to help with account management and sales. Kaylee Dahlen has graciously provided her artistic talents as our new graphic designer. And our newest member, Joe Naab (yes, another Joe), is providing some much-needed support in our content department.

It’s always a pleasure to welcome new talented marketers. And we look forward to adding more great people as we continue to expand in the future!

2. Enjoying Client Relationships

We love working with small business owners. They inspire us in so many ways as we see how hard they work to improve their companies. Plus, the business owners we get to work with are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. So, that makes it especially fun!

It’s a pleasure to meet with our clients monthly (and some more than that) to help them chart a course for digital marketing success. They come to us with whatever needs they have, and we enjoy the challenge of meeting those needs through digital marketing solutions.

We’re so grateful to all our clients for trusting us to help them grow their businesses. Our promise is to keep working hard for them and celebrating the successes we achieve together along the way!

3. Expanding Our Marketing Services

Our company is always exploring new frontiers to help small businesses grow. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services to do this, and we’re always innovating within those services.

However, sometimes we stumble upon a new service to get excited about. A recent new service we’ve added is creating marketing plans. It all began when we went to update our company’s marketing plan and realized our new processes could be valuable for other businesses.

We’ve started rolling this service out for some of our current clients, and they’re excited about the resources we’ve been creating for them. These include tools like a target audience, mission statement and SMART Goals.

We’re excited to create more marketing plan materials for businesses in the future.

4. Continuing to Grow Our Skills

One of JoeBon’s favorite books is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. We read this book as a team recently, and one of the key lessons we learned is you must win from within before you can have public victories. In other words, the only way to have success as a company is if each team member regularly spends time growing personally.

For this reason, we continue to prioritize weekly professional development for every member of our team. This weekly opportunity to enhance our skills is one of our favorite things about working at Frontier.

But we don’t just use this time for growing our marketing knowledge. We also use it to grow as people. Every month, we read a book and come together to discuss it. Some favorites we read recently include S.C.O.R.E. for Life: The Secret Formula for Thinking Like a Champion by Jim Fannin and The Wonderful Adventure of Loving Ourselves by one of our favorite clients, Bob Kauffman.

Speaking of Bob Kauffman, he’s done a lot for our team over the years. Bob is an expert at helping people make the most of their minds. He meets with our team every month to help us overcome the challenges we’re facing. One of the ways he helps is by prescribing fun games for cognitive improvement like the Set Game. Many of us play this game every day and share our scores to see who is the fastest.

Books the Frontier Marketing team read recently

5. Connecting with Our Community

We’ve always been a mostly remote company with only a few in-person meetings each month. But the pandemic forced us to be completely remote for the last two years. This wasn’t a huge deal for us since we were already used to communicating via phone, email and video chat. But still, we admit that the time made us miss good old-fashioned in-person interactions.

Now that restrictions have loosened up, we’ve been getting out and getting reacquainted with our community again. A few of our team members have been attending regular networking groups to connect with and support local business owners.

We’ve also been getting plugged into nonprofit, religious and political groups to give back during our free time. We appreciate how the company supports us in these endeavors as it provides a social component to balance out our more solitary work-from-home jobs.

6. Supporting Nonprofit Organizations

Some of our favorite accomplishments over the last eight years are the services we’ve provided to promote nonprofit organizations. Organizations like New Directions Addiction Recovery Services, Promote Fox Lake and Knights of Columbus do a lot to make the Northern Illinois region better. And supporting them in their marketing efforts is the least we can do to help.

We’re so committed to helping organizations like these that we provide a special discounted rate for our services for them. After all, nonprofits deserve excellent digital marketing to promote their organizations.

7. Achieving Measurable Results

How do we measure success for our clients? We look at concrete numbers that translate directly to more customers and sales for their businesses.

In the past year, we’ve been able to celebrate a lot of meaningful numbers for our clients. For example, we’ve seen our organic SEO efforts finally pay off as our clients’ pages have started to rank on the first page of Google for popular search terms. Because of this, the businesses are attracting hundreds of new potential customers every day.

We’ve also seen even more direct results from the paid ads we’ve created for clients on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. The ads have brought in many qualified leads for the businesses that have translated into new sales.

Seeing clear tangible results like these for small businesses is why we do what we do.

8. Having Fun Together

All the accomplishments we described above have one thing in common: fun! Working at Frontier is a lot of fun because it allows us to connect with great people every day and achieve meaningful results for small businesses. And it never gets dull because there’s always something new to learn about the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

These eight years have certainly flown by, but we shouldn’t be surprised by that. After all, time flies when you’re having fun!

Here’s to Exploring New Digital Frontiers!

We hope you’ve enjoyed celebrating with us and getting a sneak peek of how our company operates. As you can see, growing as a team and helping other businesses grow are what it’s all about for us.

Does your organization need help with finding success in the digital space? Whether you need a new website, robust SEO content, stunning branding or something else, we can help!

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